Movie Polls

Below the chat you'll find a "New poll" button. Once pressed you will get something like this

Title - Poll Title
Options - Movies you want to poll
Open poll - Starts the poll.


How to do Run-offs:

Run-offs should be done unless the following conditions are met:

  1. The top movie has more then 50% of all the combined votes (clear majority)
  2. The top movie has more then 50% of the votes that second place has rounded down (eg.1 Movie 1 has 10 votes, and Movie 2 has 8 votes a runoff should be done (8+4 > 10). eg.2 Movie 1 has 10 votes, and movie 2 has 7 votes no runoff is required (7+3 is not greater then 10)

Run offs should only include the top 2 voted movies, in the even of a 3 way tie 3 movies should be included in the runoff.

If for some reason the runoff becomes tied, the previous poll's leading movie will be the winner, if the previous poll was a tie then the movie is selected by coin flip.