MOTIV Personality Test
The MOTIV Personality system is based on the idea that genetics and environment result in five independent and alterable personality motivations / strategies. Each person's distinct mix on these five motivations results in an vast number of different personality orientations, as few as 32 if you consider a high/low preference on each, 243 if you consider a high/middle/low preference on each (I've compiled a list of of them here along with correlating personality items), even more when you consider that some high/low preferences will be higher/lower than others.

The MOTIV personality system is the macro (wide-angle) companion to the R-Drive personality system which covers a more detailed micro (zoomed in) approach to individual personality. The 14+ R-Drive motivations (as well as pretty much any personality characteristic) are all explained by high, medium, low preference combinations of the five MOTIV drives much the same way that every color can be decoded by it's distinct mix of primary colors.

It is important to note that the MOTIV drives are influenced by individual subjective perception of rewards. A person because of genetics and/or environment perceives certain behaviors to be rewarding (even if in the long term and/or short term, they may not be). The person with an eating disorder or drinking problem or penchant to package bad mortgages and sell them as good mortgages to retirement fund managers (wiping out people's nest eggs) perceives rewards from their behavior and that is why they continue to engage in it.

What makes you who you are (what careers you may prefer, friends you might get along better with, romantic partners you might be more suited to, positive and negative personal characteristics and life outcomes) is highly influenced by your perceptions of what is rewarding. People with more accurate/correct perceptions of what's actually rewarding (to themselves and others) will be more likely to live happier/healthier lives and have a more positive effect on others.

The purpose of this test/system is to help make you more aware of what you percieve to be rewarding and hopefully examine whether those things actually do, and whether you want to continue with your current MOTIV profile. A lot of personality writings emphasize the idea of unchanging personality type, a world where villians, victims, etc. never waver from their 'type'. I don't share that inflexible position. For example, improving physical fitness has been proven to increase Vitality (happiness), volunteering can improve Intimacy skills (empathy) / high or low Materialist (Narcissism) bias / low Off-beat (unconventionality) bias, and psychoanalysis or introspection can improve a high (analysis paralysis) or low (irrationality) Thinking bias. Accordingly, maybe you will realize some of your MOTIV preferences are toxic to you, those close to you, and/or the world and make changes to your behavior/life. Also, this system should help make it easier to understand, navigate, and challenge others (loved ones, strangers, politicians, etc.). The MOTIV trait names below are hyperlinked to more extensive descriptions on the personality types page. A more extensive description of the MOTIV system can be found here. Roll your mouse over the MOTIV drive names below for more extensive descriptions.

Your results:
Materialist 30% 54%
Offbeat 70% 48%
Thinking 80% 51%
Intimate 66% 56%
Vital 56% 54%
Perceived reward: (if you scored highly)
Being more attractive makes me happy
Being unconventional makes me happy
Being planned out makes me happy
Serving others makes me happy
Being alive makes me happy
Dangerous potential flaw(s): (if you scored highly)
Elitist, shallow, fake, external validation addiction
Putting yourself at too great a risk, endangering your life
Sticking with plans/systems/routines that don't work
Being taken advantage of, ignoring self, too nice
Over contented-ness, over confidence
Dangerous potential flaw(s): (if you scored low)
Failure to connect to others, society, the world
Playing it too safe, being resistant to change
Inability to make or complete long term goals/plans
Refusal or inability to see other's perspective/needs
Depression, poor mental and/or physical health
*scores in gray are the average scores of other people who have taken this test

Although, you are encouraged to think about the MOTIV system and determine your own type, based on this test, this is where you seem to be on the five MOTIV spectrums.

Materialist vs. Spartan
Offbeat vs. Conventional
Thinking vs. Erratic
Intimate vs. Witholding
Vital vs. Depressed

Your MOTIV type is SOTIX
Your MOTIV+ type is SO|T|iv
Your Primary type is Thinking

MOTIV+ type notation key
Uppercase Letter = Strong motivation
Lowercase Letter = Medium motivation
x = In between, on average; no preference
|?|= Your primary motivation

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Keep in mind, your results are dependent on the accurate truth of your responses. Finally, your scores and type, over the long term, will change as you do.

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